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 Bible College

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 Why A Life Experience Doctorate Degree Is Valid

There are those in secular colleges and universities who question the right of our Bible College granting a Life Experience Doctorate Degree (D.Th).  Catholics who have obtained their own religious doctorate have complained they earned a real degree because they attended classes, did course work, and gave a dissertation.  They argue that ATBC granting Life Experience Doctorate Degrees is cheating since Catholics are excluded from the offer.  Here is why ATBC has no shame in honoring a Pastor or Minister of the Oneness Apostolic faith who qualifies to receive their D.Th honor.

Our Apostolic Oneness Ministers begin their ministry with full salvation according to Acts 2:38.  Being saved by grace through faith they submit themselves to a Pastor who guides, instructs, and leads them in spiritual training.  These are recognized by the Pastor for their dedication and devotion to God, the Scriptures, spiritual accountability and leadership potential. When this occurs, these candidates for ministerial training are selected, appointed, or chosen to fill church offices in the Sunday School department, Youth Department, Evangelism Department, or Worship and music departments where they are used in regular Church services.  These duties require classroom training and education in Church operations.  We at ATBC refer to this as On the Job Ministerial Training (OJMT).  In general, men who become Ministers of our Apostolic faith, do everything from yard work, church custodian, fund raisers, children and youth leaders, adult evangelism, assisting the Pastor as they are assigned, attending conventions and conferences to obtain spiritual knowledge and training, and work as an evangelist.  Each Minister will have his own history of development and there may be variations.  But the object of years of service in a local assembly is to one day become a Pastor and the leader of God's people in an assembly of Apostolic Oneness members.  The length of time, depending on several other factors for this training can be from 3 to several years.  Here is a break down in accomplished studies for a typical Apostolic Minister from one to twenty five years of religious service.  Our Churches are not just worship places but educational institutions of Apostolic Doctrine, Faith, and Practice:

Years 1-5
156 Church services (3 times weekly)
156 Church services (312 classroom hours of spiritual training)
156 Pass/Fail encounters with Truth and Falsehood

Subjects taught, learned, and passed

The creation, fall, and redemption of mankind
Old Testament history and progression of revelation
New Testament Salvation
Olive tree theology and the true elect of God
Theology of the Oneness of God
Practical holiness in Christian living
Revelation of the Sacred name of Jesus
The development and adoption of the trinity doctrine
Eschatology and correctness of the Post-Tribulation view of the rapture

Church history

Years 6-10

1560 Church services (10 years @ 156 annually)
1560 Church services (3,120 classroom hours of spiritual training/teaching)
1560 Pass/Fail encounters with Truth and Falsehood
3,652 days of faithfulness in the Apostolic New Testament life

Subjects taught, learned, and passed

Study of the 613 laws of Moses
Study of Law and Grace
Study of the Prophets
The Messianic revelation of Daniel's 70th week
Interpretation of prophecy
The Israel of God according to the seed of Abraham

Study of the paganization of Catholic/Protestant Christianity
Introduction to Greek and Hebrew (Strongs, Thayers, Vines, Robertsons, Gesenius)
Financial accountability and giving
Biblical Counselling and Training

Years 11-15

2,340 Church services (15 years @ 156 annually)
2,340 Church services (4,680 classroom hours of spiritual training/teaching)
2,340 Pass/Fail encounters with Truth and Falsehood
5,478 days of faithfulness in Apostolic New Testament life

Subjects taught, learned, and passed
The Davidic seedline to Jesus via Mary (the virgin birth and Mary's queenship)
The OT and NT ancient Manuscripts, their perversions and preservations
The Ante-Nicene Fathers
The Nicene Council of 325AD
The development of Catholic traditions, dogmas, and false teachings
The Protestant Reformation
The Catholic/Jesuit Inquisition
Development of denominations and their tenants of faith
The Pentecostal Revival of Azuza Street
The restoration of the early Apostolic Church

Years 16-20
3120 Church services (20 years @156 annually)
3120 Church services (6,240 classroom hours of spiritual training/teaching)

3120 Pass/Fail encounters with Truth and Falsehood
7305 days of faithfulness in the Apostolic New Testament life
Subjects taught, learned, and passed
Defending against Catholic/Protestant cult accusations
Freemasonry, antichrist religious cult
Kabbalah and Jewish witchcraft mysticism
The rise of Zabati Zevi/Jacob Frank and modern Jewish antichrist methodology
The Pharisee/Talmudic attack against Mary/Jesus/the Church/the Apostles/New Testament
The Bible Destruction League and other antichrist subversive groups
The rise and fall of modern Israel (according to prophecy)
The study of ancient and modern philosophy
The liberalizing and backsliding of modern Pentecost
Light to the nations (world evangelism with Apostolic Missionaries)

Years 21-25

3900 Church services (25 years @156 annually)
3900 Church services (7,800 classroom hours of spiritual training/teaching)
3900 Pass/Fail encounters with Truth and Falsehood
9131 days of faithfulness in the Apostolic New Testament life
Subjects taught, learned, and passed
The books of Romans, Galatians, Ephesians, and Hebrews (In Christ are we one sheepfold, one body, one seed, and heirs of all Jewish promises)
Restoration of Messianic identity of the New Testament Church
Refutation of Preterism, Dispensationalism, and Amillennialism
Holding the Apostolic Traditions of the Apostles
Selection and development of Ministers
Replacement Theology vs Two Covenant theory
Jesus, LORD of lords, KING of kings
The Eternal hope of the redeemed elect

In addition to the above spiritual achievements, steadfastness, and faithfulness: our Ministers and Pastors build Churches, orphanages, christian schools and Bible colleges, and child-care facilities.  These men of God raise and donate many thousands, and in some cases millions of dollars for the evangelism of the world.  This includes such services as operating shelters for the homeless and food banks for the hungry.  Our Ministers serve as chaplains for hospitals, prisons, nursing homes, and youth groups.  This cadre of God's servants are holy, sanctified, above reproach, and given to good works.  They are Bible seminar teachers, conference preachers, organizational leaders, and represent over 35 million souls world-wide who believe in and follow the Apostolic Pentecostal Oneness faith.

A Minister or Pastor who qualifies for the D.Th has no reason to be condemned or ashamed to make themselves equal to or even superior to those who have a doctorate from some secular or religious institution.   Many of these graduate with a piece of paper but they do not measure to the accomplishments of our senior labors in the Apostolic ranks.  In fact, those who qualify for our D.Th far excel those with a doctorate obtained sitting in classrooms. Our Brethren obtained their education as life experience right in the house of God where the Holy Spirit replaced sinful and ungodly instructors and professors.

Our D.Th is a reward for accomplishments according to our own set of religious standards.  We do not ask for permission to acknowledge the achievement of Apostolic Ministers.  We do not therefore care what the accusations or claims that these D.Th degrees are fraudulent or a money scheme.  They are earned and they are deserved.  They are earned in the best classroom of all, LIFE EXPERIENCE!


Pastor G. Reckart
ATBC Chancellor