Apostolic Theological
 Bible College

Educating To Continue The Faith

Statement Of Doctrine

The Bible:
The Scriptures as originally written are without error and inspired by the Holy Ghost.  The Bible (KJV) is the Spiritual textbook of ATBC.

We believe the Scriptures to teach there is one God who is Father in creation, the Son of God in redemption, and the Holy Ghost in regeneration.  As such we do not believe in the trinity doctrine and do not adhere to any of the Creeds or decrees of the various Councils.

We confess that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh.  We confess that he is the Messiah of the house of David.  We believe Jesus is the Son of God as to God's incarnation, but as to his deity he is God Almighty.  Thus, we believe Jesus is the visible image of the invisible God.  We believe that the image/form of Jesus was the image and likeness in which God made Adam.  Therefore we believe God made Adam in his own image and likeness that he God would dwell in upon the earth.  Jesus is then God!

Second Advent:
We believe the second coming of Jesus is at the same time as the first resurrection.  The resurrection occurs according to the Apostle Paul at the sound of the last trump.  The last trump of the Revelation of St. John signaled the end of the age.  Therefore we believe in the Post-Tribulation coming of Jesus as he prophesied in Matthew 24:29.

We believe that when Jesus returns he will destroy the wicked with the brightness of his appearance.  Those who are saved will have a change in body at the very same moment and will be caught up to meet the Lord in the air.  The Lord will then continue his descent to the earth and set up his millennial kingdom. The saints will then tread upon the ashes of the wicked.

Grace-Faith Salvation:
We believe salvation is in Jesus alone, by faith alone, by grace alone as found in Acts 2:38.  Therefore we believe in salvation by grace and not the deeds of the Law.  Full salvation is repentance, baptism in the name of Jesus Messiah (Christ), and receiving the gift of the Holy Spirit.

We believe in internal and external holiness.  Therefore we believe there is a spiritual standard inherent within the nature of God in us not to be like the world.

Pastoral Authority:
We believe that each Pastor is the highest earthly authority within his congregation. We believe his head is Jesus Christ.  Therefore we believe in and support all Pastors in the Apostles' Doctrine.

We believe all men and women should have a sound education in Apostolic Doctrine and history.  W also believe that all Ministers and especially novices should study to show themselves approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed rightfully dividing the Word of Truth.  Education to continue the Apostolic Faith is not only a holy and righteous work of the Holy Ghost, it is the work of all the Ministry in their duty and responsibility.  We believe that Bible College should be an asset to the local Pastor and an extension of his Ministry committed to us for his good and the honorable welfare of his members.