Apostolic Theological
 Bible College

Doctorate of Religious Philosophy Degree Program

Educating To Continue The Faith


Prerequisite for admission

The Ph.D. program seeks to recruit excellent students from diverse backgrounds and provide a program of study that will prepare them for leadership positions at all levels of the future Apostolic Church.

The Doctorate of Religious Philosophy (Ph.D.) may be granted upon a minimum completion of 30 semester hours above the Doctorate Degree.  Applicants must possess a Doctorate Degree from ATBC or from a recognized Bible College or Seminary.

Tuition Cost Year 2010-2011 $1995.00
Enrollment fee $50.00
Textbook Cost $295.00
Price includes all other course materials.

If your income is below $30,000 you can apply for a scholarship in the amount of $500.00

The Ph.D. Thesis/Dissertation:

Correspondence students must submit to Apostolic Theological Bible College, 7911 N. 40th Street, Tampa, Florida  33604, to the attention of the Doctoral Thesis/Dissertation Committee, a detailed proposal of your thesis/dissertation. 
The proposal shall include the style manual you intend to use (from below). 
You will be notified as to the status of your request. No thesis/dissertation will be accepted without prior approval of the Committee. 

1.Your work must be judged worthy of publication by the Doctoral Thesis-Dissertation Committee. 
2. It must be submitted in duplicate. ATBC will retain a copy. 
3. It must be bound in an acceptable cover. 

Guidelines for writing the thesis/dissertation 
1. A minimum of 35,000 words - About 150 pages 
2. Reflect at least 60 cited works. 
3. It will include: 
a. Table of Contents 
b. Introduction 
c. Bibliography 
4. Use one of he following style manuals: 
a. The Chicago Manual of Style, Author: University of Chicago, Library of Congress location: Z 253, U58c, 1993 
b. A Manual for Writers of Term Papers, Theses, and Dissertations, Author: Kate L. Turabian, Library of Congress location: LB 2369, T929m, 1987

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