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 Bible College

Master's Degree Program 

Educating To Continue The Faith

Graduate Degree Program

Prerequisite for admission
The Master Degree may be granted upon a minimum completion of 30 semester hours.  Applicants must possess an earned Bachelor Degree.

A Master's thesis must be type written (double spaced) on not less that fifty (50) pages covering a subject researched in the student's field of study.

Alternative Doctrinal Project
With the approval of the College President, a student may present as his or thesis existing written works).  The written work must contain in the aggregate fifty (50) pages and be significant to the Degree major.  Because of the growing use by Ministers to record many of their teachings, the Dean may accept for substitute of a written thesis, a recorded dissertation on one researched subject, which shall consist of no less than two hours of teaching or preaching or both. A typewritten (double spaced) transcript must be submitted with the dissertation.  The Dean shall determine the topic, research, and other requirements.
Transfer of credits

On a case by case basis we will accept application for completed course credits to apply toward complete of this degree in the case of students wanting to transfer from another College or a student wanting to transfer credits from another Bible College correspondence course.

Tuition Year 2014-2015
Payment in full $1895.00
Enrollment Fee $50.00
Price includes all other course materials.

If your income is below $30,000 you can apply for a scholarship in the amount of $1,000.00

The successful student can complete this degree within a few months with just a few hours of study each day.

ATBC reserves the right to substitute courses when a student has applied for and approved for Christian Life Experience Credit (CLEP).  ATBC also reserves the right to change or modify its courses in this degree.

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