Apostolic Theological
 Bible College

"Educating To Continue The Faith"

 Life Experience D.Th Doctorate Degree
For Honorable And Godly Apostolic Sisters

In the ranks of the Apostolic Church there are several noteable Sisters who have done great works and assisted in the growth of the Apostolic Faith. These have given many years for the New Testament plan of Acts 2:38 salvation.  Some have secular degrees and some have only finished high school. Although some may not have achieved secular educational levels to graduate with a degree, they have worked hard to make sure the Apostolic Church is great. These have also achieved a great knowledge in the Word of God according to the Apostle's Doctrine.  These Sisters have chosen to be examples of holiness and sanctification. They are leaders of a different sort then our great men. These have suffered the struggles and have not usurped authority over men in the Five-Fold ministry. These deserve honor!  

Among these are Mothers, Missionaries, Deaconess', and ministerial Helps. Faithfulness is the high ethical character of these Sisters.  The Apostolic Theological Bible College desires to recognize those who have met the challenges and God has made them great.  To accomplish a part of our goals and objectives to honor excellence and continue the Apostles Doctrine through education, we take applications from Sisters who feel a doctorate degee in Apostolic Theology would be a great accomplishment in their lives.  If you meet the following criteria, you may submit your application for acceptance of our Life Experience D.Th Doctorate Degree:

1.) You must be over the age of 40?
2.) You must have previous educational achievements and been an Apostolic Oneness for at least 20 years.  This includes having read Apostolic writings, listening to Apostolic teaching, and assisting in the training of other Sisters.
3.) You must have been Apostolic trained in seminars, workshops, served as a Pastor's wife noted with a tremedous history of Church works, and or held appointed positions in an Apostolic church for at least 10 years of the past 20?
4.) You must currently be a member of an Apostolic Church and showing works as a Mother, Missionary, Deaconess, or in volunteering in community service, leadership of Sisters and Apostolic females.
5.) You must obtain recommendation from your Pastor, and two other ordained Ministers who will recommend you for a Life Experience D.Th Doctorate Degree?
6.) You must be willing to be interviewed on the telephone by Dr. Reckart?
7.) You must be willing to pay $50 application fee and $1,250.00 within three weeks of acceptance and issue of the degree (if this degree is awarded at a special venue, candidate must also pay for airfare, one night hotel, and transportation of Dr. Reckart to the event).

If you or someone else meet(s) the seven qualifying criteria above, then why not accept our offer to recognize faithfulness?

If you are a Pastor, relative, or a church member, and would like to honor some Sister of the Apostolic Faith, you may make application on their behalf.  

A servant of the Apostolic Church,

Dr. Reckart