Apostolic Theological
 Bible College

Educating To Continue The Faith

High School Diplomas

ATBC recognizes that there are many Christian Schools in local Churches and Home Schools that are not accredited and therefore cannot issue diplomas.  ATBC will  accept Church-sponsored education by a Pastor and his staff.  We will accept Home School sponsored education.  ATBC will review the twelth grade exam the student has taken. We can issue a General Equivilent Diploma to these students.  

If there are no exams as evidence of passing the twelth grade, ATBC will test the applicant and upon successful score of 70 or above will grant a GED to the student.  See our fee based schedule for the cost of this option. If the applicant desires to start Bible College without a GED, the Board will approve such enrollment pending passage of the the GED exam. No College Degree will be awarded until after the GED has been completed. Student has one year upon receipt of GED book and exam to make a passing score.

Enrollment must be by application with the appropriate fee(s) enclosed.  If you have any questions you may call 813-238-SAVE (7283) (9-5 EST daily ).