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General Education Development Diplomas (GED)

To apply for a GED through ATBC and our High School Accrediting Department (HSAD):


The successful applicant will be sent a GED preparation book and exams in five areas:

How your exam will be scored

Scores for each of the five GED Tests are reported separately on a standard score scale ranging from 20 (the lowest) to 80 (the highest). Your scores on the GED Tests are not the number of correct answers or the percent correct. The Writing Skills Test score is a combination of Part I (multiple choice format) and Part II (the essay format).

What score do I need to pass?

Passing scores for the GED Tests at HSAD are like those set by the state, province, or territory where you live. Although our requirements may vary slightly from governmental score requirements, our scoring methodolgy is reported as a minimum standard score for each test and a minimum average standard score across all five tests.  And, an extra advantage, you get to take all exams  open text book.

The minimum passing standard set by the GED Testing Service is a minimum score of 40 on each test and an average of 45 overall (or 225 total standard score points). Most U.S. jurisdictions use this passing score requirement. In Canada, the minimum passing score is a 45 on each test.

ATBC cannot and does not guarantee that any school, college, or employer will accept your Christian GED diploma or grade scores.  Christian diplomas and degrees are not considered valid by governmental accreditation agencies or by goverment regulated schools, colleges, and universities.  The reason is because of the separation of Church and State.  The State does not want to recognize any achievement of a student within a Christian School or College unless they accredit it, and therefore practices discrimination against those students who desire a Christian-based education, even if the State denies them their achievements.  At ATBC we know of no federal or state law that demands an employer not to accept a Christian School Diploma, GED, or College Degree.

The cost of the GED program is $100.00 + $25.00 enrollment fee. The enrollment fee also covers all subseqent enrollment in Degree Programs.

Click here Enrollment to obtain the enrollment application


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