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ATBC does not discriminate as to sex, race, or national origin.  We accept that God has made of one blood all nations to dwell upon the earth.  We acknowledge that salvation is to whomsoever will. We acknowledge that within the Church there are places for men and women to be used of the Lord.

Those Enrolling under the age of 30 must have a high school or equivalent diploma.  If a candidate cannot meet this requirement ask about our GED test program.  Christian school and home school diplomas are acceptable.  If a home school does not have the authority to grant a diploma, our High School Diploma Program (HSDP) will issue a General Equivalent Diploma (GED) with evidence of passing the final high school exam.  See our fee based structure for financial information.

It is specifically understood by all students that ATBC can not guarantee that an employer will accept your degree from our College.  However, many employers do not discriminate against Bible College degrees.  We want to offer our students enough secular courses as electives to balance out a degree in government regulated colleges.

Enrollment must be by application with the appropriate fee(s) enclosed.  If you have any questions you may call 813-238-SAVE (7283) (9-5 EST daily ).


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