Apostolic Theological
 Bible College

Educating To Continue The Faith

Conversion Credits

ATBC recognizes that there are many Bible Schools in local Churches that are not accredited and therefore cannot issue diplomas or degrees.  ATBC will  accept Church-sponsored Bible school training by Pastors and upon evaluation may convert such training and or education credits to our degree program.  Under no circumstances will ATBC award such credits to be converted above the Bachelors Degree.  To receive this conversion the student must enroll in our Bachelors Degree Program.

ATBC also recognizes secular degrees granted by government regulated public colleges and universities.  A person with an Associates degree may enter our Bachelors degree program.  A person with a Bachelors degree may enter out Masters degree program.  The Dean will construct core classes for these students.  Under no circumstances will a secular degree entitle an applicant to enter above the Masters degree level.