Apostolic Theological
 Bible College

"Educating To Continue The Faith"

Apostolic Theological Bible College

The Apostolic Theological Bible College (ATBC) has its roots back to 1978 in Kaufman, Texas.  Since 1982 Dr. Reckart has written hundreds of papers, studies, and several books.  These have been incorporated into several courses at ATBC.  

ATBC was formally reorganized in 1999 and currently offers all Bible College courses by Distant Learning mail correspondence. Plans are now being formulated to incorporate an on-site small campus when buildings donated to the College have been brought up to current building code. This is expected to completed by the end of 2012. At that time a limited number of students will be welcomed to attend the campus to complete their degree program.

Apostolic Theological Bible College
11731 N. 15th Street
Tampa, Florida  33612

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