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Our Chaplaincy program provides the certification necessary for Ministers of the Apostolic Acts 2:38 Oneness faith to work as a volunteer or as a paid Chaplain.  Certification will require proof of six months volunteer internship under some Chaplaincy program at a hospital, jail, prison, or other.

If you are going to work under the Apostolic Messianic Fellowship covering as a Chaplain, we will issue the letter of appointment.  A Chaplain who is so designated must come to Tampa for one week or training before a letter of appointment is given.  Only qualified and recognized Ministers will be considered for this letter of appointment. Click here for an application to see if you qualify.

Tuition Year 2009-2010
Payment in full $1695.00
Enrollment Fee $50.00
Price includes all other course materials.

If your income is below $30,000 you can apply for a scholarship in the amount of $1,000.00.

The successful student can complete this program within 6-9 months with just a few hours of study each day.

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