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Tampa, Florida  33612

A bad check is any check returned to ATBC for either nonsufficient funds, closed account, or a non-existing account. Any returned check is subject to replacement only by a money order.  No other personal check by any party will be accepted.

In the event a bad check is not replaced within 30 days of notification ATBC will attempt to contact the student by telephone.  If this fails to achieve personal contact and there is no verbal committment of replacing the bad check with a money order, the student will be suspended and enrollment canceled.  All payments will be forfieted and no refund will be issued.  In the event a bad check is issued in payment for any honorary degree and a money order is not sent to replace the bounced check, the degree will be revoked and canceled.  It will not be re-issued and there will be no refunds of any amounts paid.

If you are notified of a bad check you must take the seriousness of this and take care of it.

Send your replacement money order to:

11731 N. 15th Street
Tampa, Florida 33612