Apostolic Theological
 Bible College

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Drop Policy

ATBC Drop policy: 

1.) Once enrolled the enrollment fee is not refundable.

2.) If a student has completed any course in a degree program there will be no refunds for the balance of the degree program.  The student will be considered to be auditing the degree program and may request receipt all the balance of the course materials paid for.  This request must be made with the notice of dropping.

3.) If a student receives course materials, reviews them, and desires not to take the degree program, they must contact us by telephone within seven days from the postage date ATBC mailed the materials, and request authorization for a refund (813-238-7283).  If the refund request is authorized, the student must return all books postage paid by the student.  Course materials must be received back by ATBC within 14 days after telephone authorization.

4.) The enrollment fee along with one half of the tuition fee will be retained for administrative cost.  The total amount of the refund will limited to one half of the fees paid for the degree.

5.) Once the deadlines have passed there will be no refunds.

If you pay by credit or debit card, please be advised that you will have three days to put a stop payment on the card. If you make a charge back claim to recover the amount paid after the three days, it will not be authorized. ATBC will upon notice of dropping within the time periods above, refund one half of the amounts paid for the degree program.

The telephone Number to call to make notification of dropping and requesting a refund is 813-238-7283