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ATBC is not accredited or approved by the United States Department of Education, the State of Florida, or any other legislative established board, commission, or department. 

Governmental and secular accrediting systems usually grant regulatory oversight of the curriculum offered by the educational institutes accredited by it.  Florida Statutes Chapter 246.216 recognizes the Constitutional liberty of ATBC to establish its curriculum as an eccelesiastical educational institution and to obtain nongovernment or nonsecular accreditation and award degrees in its eccelesiastical discipline through the doctrate levels.

ATBC is accredited through the Christian Education Accreditation Commission (CEAC).

The primary reason ATBC is not government accredited and will not seek such, is because of the separation of State and Church.  It is the consensus of the majority of private religious schools, colleges, and universities, that the government has no business in licensing, accrediting, and or in any manner approving one religious belief above another.  Therefore, it is the Constitutional liberty of each religious group to establish and to create its own system of religious education. Secular degrees in religion are not required by State or Federal law for a Minister or other person to hold an education in their own religious philosophy.

It is at the discretion of an employer to accept or reject a degree earned in a Christain Bible College or Theological Seminary. We at ATBC know of no federal or state law that prohibits an employer from accepting a diploma or a degree from a Christian School, Bible College, or Theological Seminary.

Accreditation of ATBC through CEAC is established in order to insure proper standards of theological academic excellence.

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